Portrait Miniatures by Gray

Dec. 12 – 20

RECEPTION: December 12, 5–7pm
SPECIAL EVENT: December 20, 12–5pm

On Sunday December 20 from 12–5pm, the public is invited to participate in a portrait marathon/benefit. Gray will be available in the gallery to create a miniature portrait drawing. Each piece will cost $50 and a portion of the cost will be donated to the gallery. Bring a photo or sit for the portrait in the gallery. Refreshments will be served. Reservations would be appreciated.

PS122 Gallery is pleased to present “Portrait Miniatures by Gray”. From the sixteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries, finely painted portrait miniatures were collected by art patrons. Often they were worn or displayed to show political allegiance or commemorate a loved one.Today these miniature masterpieces are rare treasures that provide a window into history.

Gray – Portrait of Joe Franklin
Gray – Portrait of Joe Franklin

Following this artistic tradition, Gray has created many small portraits of celebrities, including Steven King, Brad Pitt, Paul McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld. His miniatures reveal secrets about a person’s appearance, their personality and our society’s contemporary concepts and beliefs. While the portraits focus on contemporary subjects, they retain a historical connection to European portrait miniatures by using the same techniques of stippling and cross-hatching. Though small (sized in a miniature scale of two to three inches), Gray’s pieces require the same amount of time one needs to execute a larger picture. Each individual miniature can take weeks to months to even years to complete.

Gray is an English portrait miniaturist living in New York City. His work has been exhibited in museums throughout Europe, including the Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum. In 2007, he was awarded Prize of Excellence in The National Small Works Exhibition and his little portraits have been featured in Artforum. 917.445.0944 or [email protected]

The Hallway Project, “Cassandra”, is by Valentina Medda.