PS122 Gallery

150 First Avenue
New York, NY 10009

Gallery Hours:
Friday 2–8
Sat & Sun 1–6


July 10 – 18


RECEPTION: July 10, 5–7pm


This is the final season for PS122 Gallery as it has been structured for the past thirty years, and LAST CALL will be my final show as director. In celebration of the amazing work that has taken place here, I am inviting artists, curators, jurors, volunteers and interns who have participated in our programming to submit a remembrance to be included in an e-catalogue and possibly in the last show at the gallery. This can take any form you like: a quote, a photograph of an art work or whatever works with the format outlined below.

In addition, we invite everyone to come leave their mark in the gallery. Artists are encouraged to participate in the exhibition by coming in and creating a small work directly on the wall (as long as it can be painted over later!) . Please contact the gallery for more specific information and times. Everything in the gallery will be documented and included in the final version of the catalogue.

Susan Schreiber, Director



NOTE: Work for the catalogue must be submitted as a 1-sided, 8.5 x 11" PDF file that is under 1MB in size.

1. Create a 1-sided artwork in a document sized to 8.5 x 11".
The image can be smaller than 8.5 x 11" but the page/document must be sized to 8.5 x 11".

2. Clearly print your name on the front at the bottom of the page. We will use this to credit your work and identify the orientation (top) of the work. You can also include a line about what you did and when you did it.

3. Make a PDF version of the artwork: create a PDF file by "saving as PDF" or "printing to PDF" depending on your computer. See below for further instructions on making a PDF.

4. Name the file as "LastName_FirstName.pdf."

5. Email the file to by July 1, 2010. All electronic submissions that follow these guidelines will be included in the e-catalogue.

We will also print selected electronic submissions to hang in the gallery.

How do I create a PDF?

The process for creating a PDF depends on the type of program and computer you're using.

With most Macs, you can create a PDF in most programs through the Print dialog box:
– From the file menu, select Print.
– In the lower left of the Print dialog box, click on the PDF button and select the Save as PDF option.
– In the dialog box that appears, enter your file name and destination.

If your Mac doesn't have this option, see Option 2 below for instructions on using a free online service.

With PCs, there are several ways to create a PDF:

Option 1:
– If you have Office 2007, click on the Office button and select "Save As PDF."

Option 2:
– Use the free online service PDF Online, which you can access at
– Once there, upload your document and click Submit. You'll receive your PDF via email.

Option 3:
– Use the "free trial" version of the Acrobat service.
– Sign Up at
– You'll receive 5 free online conversions to PDF.

On view in the Hallway Space will be work by Gray.


July 1, 2010
See instructions (left) for how to prepare and email your submission!