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this instance between us


Semi Autonomous Bodies

Ground Histories

The Book


PLUS 2 pix from 122


Maria Elvira Dieppa

Lisa Iglesias and Jeffrey Kuroskai & Tara Pelletier (The Friendly Falcons)


Christopher Stackhouse, Jared Friedman and Jomar Statkun

Adam Simon

Beka Goedde


Last Call

Mark William Fernandes and Wayne Liu

Alex Nathanson and Kris Scheifele

Silvina Arismendi and Alice Rodriguez

Meredith Nickie and Maki Ueno

Ahn Jun and Kazue Taguchi

Jessica Hendrix and Trevor Reese

Portrait Miniatures by Gray

If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Suzanne Goldenberg, John Stanley

Defense Mechanisms Craig Norton, Ryan Bond (aka Madecipha), iZI, Pedro Martin DeClet, and Robert Attanasio

H E L L Z A P O P P I N George Jenne, Erika Keck, Christy Singleton


Chris Fennell and Bryce Speed

galería parasito/… Svätopluk Mikyta

Yarn Theory: Knitting, Crochet, Math and Science

Vincent Como and Joseph Gerard Sabatino

Meryl Meisler and Julie A. McConnell

Katie Archer and Kora Manheimer

Dylan Mortimer and Nathan Bennett

Annual Benefit: 122 for $122

'Six Years' Online Magazine Launch & Exhibition

Young Ok and Kate Stewart

Reading Lenin with Corporations, Yevgeniy Fiks, Kent Hansen, Olga Kopenkina, and Alexandra (Sasha) Lerman


2008–2009 (Classroom)

Tipping Point, Lynn Koble

2007–2008 (Classroom)

Waves of Mu, Amy Caron

Time With Teeth: An Inheritance, Katrina Rhein

Spontaneous Formations, Laura Napier



Souvenirs/documents: 20 years