PS122 Gallery

150 First Avenue
New York, NY 10009

Summer Hours:
Thursday – Sunday
2 - 6 pm


Director's Message

PS122 Gallery defies much conventional wisdom about organizational structure and management. It relies heavily on volunteer efforts, good will, dedication and commitment. There is incredible generosity here — from artists to other artists, as well as from curators, critics, gallerists and the public to the artists shown and to the gallery. In a cynical and jaded time, such good spiritedness is rare.

PS122 Gallery offers something very special to emerging artists in New York — an opportunity to show their work in an intimate and encouraging setting. To learn from doing, to be seen and hopefully appreciated. Our jury system, which employs a changing panel of art professionals, underscores our commitment to being as open and democratic as possible. Our wonderfully provocative shows are a testament to the vision and knowledge of the jurors who give so generously of their time.

Susan Schreiber, Director 1995–2010

Robert Storr:

PS122 GALLERY is a place where you go to find things – and do. It’s one of the foremost and forwardmost outposts of the New York art world’s early warning system.