PS122 Gallery

150 First Avenue
New York, NY 10009

Gallery Hours:
Friday – Sunday 12–6p


october 10 – 19

Waves of Mu, by Amy Caron

In conjunction with Performance Space 122

SPECIAL HOURS: Thursday–Sunday, noon–curtain
RECEPTION: October 9, 6–9pm
CURATOR/ARTIST TALK: October 12, 2–3pm
PANEL DISCUSSION: October 12, post-performance

“The discovery of mirror neurons is the most important unpublicized story of the decade,” —V.S. Ramachandran

With Waves of Mu Amy Caron braves new terrain in multidisciplinary art. Created in collaboration with renowned neuroscientists, this two site show offers an experiential understanding of mirror neurons — a discovery that recently astounded the neuroscience field and spawned new areas of study. Amy Caron’s beautifully complex installation-performance drives multidisciplinary art headlong into new territory. Her lab/lecture/experiment generates an innovative scientific viewpoint while cleverly activating her “test subjects” to experience, a new awareness of the profundity of our interpersonal world.

In PS122 Gallery, the audience will explore a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling representation of neuroanatomy. Velvet floor tessellation, custom chandeliers, paintings, photography and sculpture add to the room’s neurological intrigue, while the reverb of mutant-dub reggae brings a sense of playful disorientation to the space. Next, the audience moves to room two, Performance Space 122's theater — a proscenium setting that further extends itself to the viewers. Between video, theatre, and movement sections, Caron assumes the role of scientist and places the audience in unexpected positions of observation. Without batting an eye, she combines hard science with experimental theories to challenge conventions, stun and incite — a powerful mode of education.

Waves of Mu wields Caron’s scheme to trigger the mirror neurons of the audience. Her work breaks the traditions of overly austere art-science presentations by reinvigorating the natural relationship between art and science with a contemporary approach and concept.

On Sunday, October 12th directly following the performance, there will be a panel discussion featuring three prominent individuals in the field of neuroscience: Lindsay Oberman PhD (Harvard): Mirror neuron researcher, co-author on many papers with V.S. Ramachandran; Massimo Pigliucci PhD (SUNY Stoney Brook), Philosophy of Science, evolution, biology and representative for the Center for Inquiry; and Valentina Dilda PhD (Mount Sinai), cognitive psychology and motor systems specialist who was part of the Gallese/Rizolatti lab when mirror neurons were discovered.

Amanda Sanfilippo, Firehouse Gallery, Burlington City Arts, has written an accompanying essay Emotional Intelligence: Amy Caron and Waves of Mu.

Amy Caron is a multidisciplinary artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She completed her B.F.A. in modern dance at the University of Utah and is currently an Associate Instructor in the Fine Arts College at the University of Utah where she developed and teaches a unique course that focuses on the evolution of dance in cinema. She was awarded a Visual Artist Fellowship from the Utah Arts Council in 2007 and recently received a Creation Fund Grant from the National Performance Network in conjunction with a commission from New York’s Performance Space 122. Waves of Mu was presented at the Firehouse Gallery in Burlington, Vermont last year.


Amy Caron



Amy Caron