PS122 Gallery

150 First Avenue
New York, NY 10009

Gallery Hours:
Friday – Sunday 12–6p


August– November

Christopher Stackhouse, Jared Friedman and Jomar Statkun

"This Red Door" is a collaborative attempt by artists Jomar Statkun,
Jared Friedman,
and Christopher Stackhouse to expand terms and conditions that may define 'studio practice'.
Our room behind the door is a discursive space where we integrate an address to the plastic arts through a salon styled rotation of objects, tandem lectures, informal talks, literary readings, film/video screenings, short plays, music, dinner parties, among other kinds of impromptu gatherings and aleatory occurrences.
It is our hope that an open ended interpretation of art and social functionality treated this way will inspire non-hierarchical secular discussion between artists and the general public about topics including arts education, politics, barter economies, social capital, personal taste and opinion, and friendship. To develop a porous group conversation that is inviting to strangers and old familiars alike is the goal. We plan to keep the door to our studio open (literally) as often as we can. Whether we are working there, having an event, or just entertaining friends and acquaintances, we welcome visitors interested in experiencing the place upon which they are entering.

Red Door

Red Door